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Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion is a renewable electricity source that uses the natural temperature difference in tropical oceans between the surface water and deep water. The technology can transform a temperature difference of 20 °C or more into clean, reliable, and predictable base load electricity. Tropical regions, with population centers near the coast, have ideal conditions to deploy OTEC technology to fully meet their rapidly growing energy needs.

Thermal Energy from the Ocean

the largest untapped resource

The oceans are the largest solar collectors on Earth providing an abundant and sustainable energy source. They capture a large part of the sunlight that falls on Earth, warming the ocean’s surface layer. The deep layer remains cold, which creates the ocean’s naturally available temperature gradient, or thermal energy.

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What is your potential?

many opportunities

The ocean’s thermal potential creates opportunities for a wide range of stakeholders like governments, NGO’s and utilities with an interest in a tropical region. Furthermore, there are excellent opportunities for industries that have a high cooling demand, like large hotels, resorts, airports and hospitals.

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Where is your potential?

pre-assess a location of your choice

To make use of Ocean Thermal Energy, you need to have close access to both cold deep sea water and warm surface water. Bluerise has developed an online tool that allows you to pre-assess the opportunities in an area of your choice, based on publicly accessible data.

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